Science Rooms

Science Room – Elementary School

The complete renovation of the Elementary School Science Room, located in the Junior High wing, will create a more functional space appropriately sized for upper elementary and middle school students. The renovations include new casework, furniture, finishes, technology, and lighting. The addition of a fume hood, emergency shower, new power sources, and gas lines will allow the space to be used to teach multiple branches of science. Replacement of the mechanical and ventilation system will ensure that the lab meets current code and safety measures.

Renovation to Existing Science Classrooms – High School

Built in 1969, the existing science lab/lecture rooms will be redesigned to create more flexible learning spaces conducive to dynamic demonstration experiences and student collaboration. Mobile furniture, large lab benches with overhead service carriers, and fume hoods at each lab bench will allow for a variety of uses. Replacement of the mechanical and ventilation systems will ensure that the labs meet current code and safety measures. New technology will allow for seamless interaction between the instructor and student, enhancing the learning experience.

Science Lab Addition – High School

In recent years Divine Child High School’s Science Department has outgrown its classroom space. The existing science lecture classroom will be increased in size (through an addition to the southwest corner of the building) and converted to a combined lab/lecture space with the same new technology, furnishings, and fixtures being incorporated into the existing science lab/lecture rooms. This new lab space will allow for new course offerings, including the addition of Advanced Placement Biology and Advanced Placement Physics.

We still need funding for the Elementary School Science Lab, renovation to existing Science classrooms and an addition to the High School Science Wing

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Science Lab
Science Lab