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Why a capital campaign?

This capital campaign is necessary to ensure the long-term sustainability of Catholic education, not only in the Dearborn/Dearborn Heights area but reaching outside the local community. The campaign ensures that Divine Child is taking the steps necessary to remain viable in an ever-changing society.

Why is it so important to continue the Divine Child co-educational Catholic school system?

The schools have been in existence for a combined total of 117 years, 92% of our students are Catholic, and the presence of a strong Catholic identity in our society is needed more than ever. Divine Child recognizes this increasing need to develop youth who pursue lives of responsibility, leadership and faith. Archbishop Vigneron states “Our schools need our commitment, our self-investment, and our resolve if they are to become the instruments of the New Evangelization Christ wants them to be. Our children need what we have to offer in our schools, which is to say they need Jesus, and woe to us if we fail them.”

Are Divine Child Catholic Schools healthy?

Yes! Church of the Divine Child and Divine Child Catholic Schools have been a vital part of the Dearborn community for over 60 years. Today, our parish serves over 2300 families and 1400 students from Dearborn and other surrounding areas. In fact, Divine Child High School welcomes students from 84 elementary schools in 48 ZIP codes. The High School is at its optimal enrollment level and has an admissions waiting list for the Class of 2018. Though Dearborn’s demographics may be changing, Divine Child continues to serve both the local and regional Catholic communities. The Archdiocese of Detroit has declared Divine Child to be a healthy parish and schools, and it is critical that we take the steps necessary to continue serving and welcoming new members to our faith community.

How was the campaign structure established?

Divine Child conducted an attitudinal and financial feasibility study in the summer of 2013 and concluded that the schools were poised to raise approximately $6 million over a five-year period contingent upon obtaining the necessary leadership, organization, and support for the campaign.

How did you determine the campaign projects and budget?

Academic needs were determined by administration and faculty in collaboration with architects specializing in the design of educational spaces. The Outdoor Activity Complex project scope was the result of extensive analysis and review by school administrations, athletic departments, parents, parishioners, and experts in the field.

What is the time-table for the campaign?

We expect the collection of funds to occur actively over the next 8-10 months.

When will construction begin?

We are required to have the needed cash in hand before we begin construction/renovation. Projects will begin as the necessary funds become available.

Who is the architect and the contractor?

Mielock Associates, Inc. has been selected as the architect for the academic projects. The architect for the Outdoor Activity Complex is Foresight Design, Inc. Kirco Manix will serve as Construction Manager for the entire project. All other contractors and vendors will be selected through a bid process.

What is the Archdiocese of Detroit’s position regarding this project?

The Archdiocese of Detroit is an enthusiastic supporter of the Investing in Excellence campaign. Gifts made to the campaign will not be subject to the 7% assessment typically imposed on gifts made to member parishes. Non-capital campaign related gifts made directly to Divine Child High School and Divine Child Elementary School will continue to be exempt from the Archdiocesan assessment.

Who will be asked to support the Investing in Excellence Capital Campaign?

All alumni, alumni parents, parents, friends, corporations, and foundations will be asked to consider a gift to the campaign.

It what ways can a gift be made to support the campaign?

There will be numerous ways to make a financial gift to the campaign. The most common is a cash gift over a number of years. Other options include:

  • Gifts of stocks, bonds and mutual funds
  • Business contributions and matching gifts
  • Wills and/or bequests

Because the needs of the campaign require immediate funding, gifts of cash and securities are generally sought. If you would like to support the campaign through a planned gift, please contact the Advancement Office to discuss options. Your prayers and volunteer time are also important ways to support the campaign.

Will you accept pledges for the campaign?

Yes. Donors will have 3-5 years to complete their pledges, and will have the flexibility to make payments monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Can I determine how my gift is used?

Yes. Gifts can be restricted to the academic or athletic portions of the campaign. Or, an unrestricted gift can be made that will be used where needed most, as determined by the Campaign Executive Committee.

How will donors be recognized?

Recognition societies have been established to honor and thank those alumni, parents, and friends who provide us with support. With the consent of the donor, members enjoy a number of benefits, including a listing of the donor’s name in the annual report, invitations to school and parish events, regular progress reports on capital and other projects, and special recognition opportunities. Contributions will be kept confidential and donors can choose to remain anonymous.

Will there be naming opportunities associated with the campaign?

Yes. Donors may name capital projects at varying amounts, as determined by the enclosed “Naming and Recognition Opportunities” brochure.

How will the campaign affect tuition?

The schools’ operating budgets are funded by tuition and the support of the Church of the Divine Child. Tuition rates will not be impacted by the campaign. Through Investing in Excellence we are asking for the support of the greater Divine Child community in order to undertake these vital capital projects.

How will the campaign affect annual giving?

A gift to the capital campaign is a one-time gift to fund a capital project. Annual giving, including alumni, faculty, and parent appeals, student fundraisers, and special events, will continue to provide the ongoing operational support for Divine Child’s exceptional spiritual, academic, athletic, and fine arts programs.